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Website designer: Nicholas Garner

After being pitched into working for Terence Conran in the mid sixties, Nicholas moved from graphic design through fabric design and furniture design to pre-digital multimedia. After a lengthy spell creating product launch presentations and exhibition attractions, he discovered Apple computers and has used them for almost everything. Self-employed for over forty years, his clients have naturally included most household names, and he now works from his home in South London mixing print design, web development and font creation in roughly equal measure.


This website uses typefaces from the ‘Combi’ collection which includes a Sans-serif, a Sans Oblique, a true Italic, a Serif, a Serif Oblique and a set of Openface capitals. Combi fonts have 5 compatible weights and metrics allowing them to be used in free combination. Inspiration came from Jan Van Krimpen’s ‘Romulus’ (Enschedé, 1931). In addition to the Roman style, Van Krimpen created a set of open capitals, a simple oblique variant and subsequently, an attractive calligraphic italic, Cancelleresca Bastarda.

More fonts by Nicholas can be seen here.

  Ljiljana Ortolja-Baird: author of Mrs Newbury's cookbook.

I recognised the value of books very early on, when my father, charged with taking the children and their friends to the swimming pool, and forgetting his wallet, exchanged the three paperbacks he carried in his jacket pockets for our entrance tickets. I was deeply impressed then by the power of books to beguile. My love, as a publisher, has been in the making of books – taking a germ of an idea and placing it with an author to grow, then wrestling it into an object that will resonate long after it has been written, printed and published. I am intimately aware of the labour involved in bringing a book to the marketplace and value the opportunity of helping damaged rare books back into circulation for all to enjoy and profit from.